Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow blast

Mega light battery fits nice on the stem.
Tuesday night ride was one fun ride. Finally after weeks of being on the road we were able to get out on some packed snow thanks to a warm couple of days last week. We did have some trouble going up hills and I'm paying for it now. But having so much fun really makes a difference.

Mutano 2.4 is the right choice for staying on top.
CB2 gave me this tire a couple of years ago to use as a front tire. I'm glad I didn't throw this thing away! It really helped to stay afloat.
Check out my green water bottle that was given to me by surprise for Christmas.

Boardwalks are fun. Icy at times.
At one point we were side by side following a double xc ski track. It was like we were slot car racing. Any waver from the lines would slow you down and you knew every pedel counted. Technicaly we wern't suposted to be on the single track threw White Memorial. But I figured the trails would be covered in snow the next day so it didn't matter. Shh. Don't tell any one.
packed trails mostly.

I'm totally posing here. I could only get to the tree before loosing all momentum.

Josh, however, did not have that problem, and this is real.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Like Josh

"Now that's just lazy"

We had to stop and take a picture and video of this house who still had their Christmas stuff up. I think it's time to take it down. I thought I was bad not taking my Christmas tree down until the 10th of Jan but this is ridiculous.Who's taking these pictures anyway?

Alex with the action of action shot. Lake Waramaug in background.

Following the yellow jersey. The Kim-me-down

The reverse loop of Lake Waramaug took us on a very hilly ride. 2 hours in 20 degrees on the road is very cold. Sometimes it would feel like an ice cream head ache. It seems strange that a 33 mile ride would take so long this time of the year. Is it because we are on fixies or because we don't push ourselves hard? It really seems like we push hard at times. Riding with Josh really pushes me past what I think I can do. Hoping for some kind of edge I decided to cut my hair and style it like Josh. We'll see if it helps.

What is Punk?

I used to aspire to be "hardcore" or "Punk Rock" in some way. But the more I tried or not tried the less Punk I became. I think it must be a personality trait that draws people to become punk. It's kinda trashy, stinky and crass (hey that's a punk band) Who would want to be like that?
Growing up in Tucson I would go to shows at the Downtown Performance Center (DPC). Mostly to see Ska Punk shows. This predates "Hardcore". Somehow I missed all of the really "good" shows like the Offspring. I tried to go and see DRI but my Step Mom wouldn't let me go see the "Decent Righteous Individuals." She was like, "I'm sure that's what they're really called." She didn't buy it so I couldn't watch guys do front flips off the stage into a black swirling cauldron of leather and chains. I remember thinking how cool I was in my store bought "Helmet" t-shirt. Judging all of the other kids for following trends. Judging might be the nucleus of Punk. Everyone judges until everyone around them looks exactly the same. But still, I can't help to feel like I want to belong to the Neo Punk crowd with there patchwork jackets and sewn black jeans. I just want to stare at all of their tattoos and perfectly messed up hair. Now they've taken up fixed gear bikes with no brakes. But I don't belong and I never will. I don't even listen to "Grindcore" or "D-beat" music. Mostly I listen to crappy 104.1 and like it when Nirvana comes on. I never even got the secret handshake down. I will always be a "Traditional" hand shaker. I guess it's kinda the "Missionary position" of handshakes. I think I found my niche. Judging the physique of the other guys I ride with I fit in like a dirty shirt. We're all "Hammerheads", and talking about gear inches is music to my ears. I guess if a crusty punk showed up to race the single speed class at rt 66 he would be a little out of place too. We all tweak our gearing or handlebars or psi the same way punks sew there jeans or ink there arms up. So really we are all punk in some way. And that can be bad too. Getting caught up in what gear to bling out our rides with instead of just riding. Eventually losing all perspective. Like in the Minor Threat song "I can't keep up, I can't keep up, out of step with the world."

Thursday, January 22, 2009

CB2 and friends

Charles Beal
or CB2. Forgot his light on the charger at work. Borrows James's light. Lasts until we start going down hill really fast. Fortunately for him a guardian angel graces him with light and he catches up. Charles has connections.

The "Ranger" performed very well tonight. All of the unseen potholes get absorbed by the 4"'s of rake.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Night riders

Last night Josh, Alex and I when out for a ride. Very cold (12 degrees.) Very hard (that's what she said). 16.5% grade with a fixed gear is not the best situation. I had to keep reminding myself that I was running a smaller gear and so it shouldn't hurt so much. I think that was one reason why I was sucking. Also that I skied for 2 hours the day before and Logged all day. So my legs were feeling "not so happy" with me. But that's good right? Alex "geared" up
Josh was hitting the hills pretty hard. I was just trying to pace myself feeling like I could crack at any moment. Alex was not really sure what to do. At one point he realized that I wasn't going to respond to one of the "Rockets" attacking moves and passed me. Smart. Once I realized that going at my own pace actually makes me have to work harder to catch up. (Oh ya this is road riding.) I guess I'll have to hang on next time and not worry about throwing up.
The "Rocket" planning his strategy to put me in the red.
Cygolite that I won for Sport ss champion 07
In other news... The last Stihl chainsaw "shit the bed." I'm glad it did. It was our spare saw so no big deal. The good news is we got another Jonsered.

So scenic. Timberjack in its element.

This was a double tree oak. Big trees. They were connected so I had to saw them apart to get the first one down.

Monday, January 19, 2009

X training

Today I went cross skiing. cross... skicross...skicrossing? I've gone a few times but this time I really wanted to go man go! So I went as fast as possible for miles. I don't get how to go down hill until about an hour in. Once I got it it was awesome! I'm no pro but I was able to turn down a windy singletrack section. Stoked! My ski boots started to hurt the ends of my toes.
Sometimes retro is not the way to go. Good thing I didn't buy these. Maybe next year if I don't have a bike to save up for I'll get a new set up with boots. It's really not that expensive but I still don't want to spend any more dough on things that are not bike related.

I need some wax to wax my waxless skis

Living at White Memorial has it's advantages. Like skiing from my front door. I don't want to be a snob about skiing already but I have to complain about snow shoers. What is the point in walking in big huge snow shoes to go across 3 inches of snow? I just don't see the appeal. I can understand if you were sinking up to your knees. Here comes the annoying whining. Then they have to walk all over the xcs tracks. Come on dude! Not only that but I saw this girl fall flat on her face with those things. You can't even slide down the hills and have some fun. Man I was on a rampage.(Witness the Whiteness) Overall I had a good 2 hour workout. My hams are singing.

So jealous about ssaz09. I used to live a block away from the Bay Horse Tavern were their after party is going to be. I miss Tucson sometimes. I wonder if Mike Montalbano is going to be there.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

fixi-dent and forget it.

My Surly 17 tooth cog came in today! I also scored a 42 tooth ring from the bargain box! After all the hassling I gave Josh about running a smaller gearing then me he finally upgraded to a 42x17. I didn't realize that I was running 42x16! That's 5 more inches difference gi wise. So I figured I better do something to get us to run the same. Just so we know that we are both suffering the same.After I soaked the lock ring and 16 t cog in PB Blaster it came off. Good thing I greased it. Josh once again hooked me up with some extra grease. Did you know I was riding around with a froze up bearing? New bearings on the way. So cool you can just pop them in and out like skateboard wheel bearings.
Now I can speed up hills faster and spin like a one legged jockey down them. Look at that grease!
I love how the Surly cogs have those holes in them. So cool....



Garbage trike. That hill was a bitch because of the ice under the snow. So glad I had three wheels. So sweet. Every time I ride this thing it makes me think that I'm cruising some boardwalk in Cali along the beach.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Log this!

This past week I logged every day. The log truck came and took a load out and there must be 2 more loads left. That means we must have cut over 10,ooo board feet of logs this week. Not to mention all of the firewood. I think we must have cut 15 cords easy. Working hard all week and then after work riding or skiing really kept me in shape. I'm hoping it pays off for cycling.
I've been thinking more about the Selma. Should I get a ridged fork or suspension? I think I'm up for the chalenge to race in the pro/cat 1 class. Rob Stine is going to race in it and so is Sean from Bethel. It will be a really great year of racing so many single speeders that I know. Not that I will have a chance to win but I'm hoping to not come in last. But even if I come in last that will be ok with me. Thom Parsons will be rockin' the Gary Fisher logo on a super sick ss. Hopefully Josh will be there and we can really help each other to win. If I don't do the pro class this year I will wish I did. I'll feel left out if all of the sickest ss'er in New England are racing ahead of me in the super cool elite crowd.

Monday, January 12, 2009

A time to blog

Today I have about 15 min to write or post something. I think I will put up some more bad pics of myself and friends.

Here's a good shot of me looking like I'm not haveing any fun and "The Rocket" having all the fun. Josh, Brian, Alex, and Charlie all had a good time freezeing our toes off.

Charlie aka CB2 was delighted to go riding with me riding an overgeared dumpster fixieruper. this bike weighed at least 45 lbs. Now it only weighs 35lbs! Not really. I'm sure without all those gears it weighs less then that.

So here we are freezen our asses off. So much fun! 2 gearies and 3 fixies sometimes doesn't mix.
Brian was way behind. I don't think he likes riding with guys that only have one gear. He's going to totally kick my ass this year at Rt 66 when I'll be racing in his class.

I think pictures should load faster. I'm running out of time!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Posting for Pirates

Check out this bike! I found the frame and fork in the dumpster. This was my 2nd single speed build. Looks like a big cog in the back. Check out that seat post. I did like how it handled though. After a while I converted a Univega ridged. Then the Surly came along.

Test, test, test...I was talking to Roger about our first races. I raced Hopbrook Dam as part of the Root 66 series and came next too last. So did Roger at Farmington.