Sunday, February 28, 2010

Flip flopper

If you are at all familiar with who I am and how I go about doing things you will know that I usually jump right into things without too much hesitation. The classic "think before you act" usually doesn't apply to me. I just head in some direction hoping to get there somehow. And I tend to tell people one thing and the next day say just the opposite. I try to do things on the cheap and usually pay for it in the end. Life can be cruel in that way. Sometimes.

Well, can you tell what this is leading up to?

I would like to detract what I said in my blog about racing this year in the 30-39 cat 1 class for 2010. I will not be racing in that class anymore.

I did some soul searching and looked at my goals for 2010. I want to be racing longer events like the Darkhorse 40 and VT50. And I'm already signed up for D2R2. So racing for an hour and a half just doesn't seem to cut it for me any more. Plus it's not about winning for me anymore. At least that's what I keep telling myself. However, I want to race like I want to win and then when I get 10th place I won't complain about it or give a list of shitty excuses why I didn't do better. I promise.

So just for fun I thought I might see if I could be upgraded to "Pro." I really didn't think that they would do it but they did. Yep, the guy who will finish 15-30 minutes behind first place is now pro. Thanks guys for your encouragement. Too many to write down here and I don't want to leave anyone out. You know who you are.

On top of that I get to pay $150 for my International house of pancakes license. Sweet, now I can compete in Canada.

And I got the upgrade to cat 2 for cyclocross. So watch out Reuter, Sweeney, and Wilcox, and Green. My main goal is to be the most videoed by the seat cam.

My winter training is not going too well. The weather is really getting to me. I was able to get out today with Josh for a 3 hour ride but that is all the riding I did all week. I'm hoping that everything will be all right. I'm sure I'm not the only one feeling this way.

Sebastian is quite funny. Check it out.


  1. The long ones seem to suit you. Congratulations on the upgrade.

    Word verification is
    "Mokalo"; sounds like a drink at the Hoki Lau.

  2. Well at least I won't have to race against you if/when I get upgraded to Cat 1.

  3. Nice one James!

    You're not alone on the training thing. My weekly goals have not been met yet. And this week is off to a bad start. My plan is to just start the season slower and not be as burnt by October when I'm either going to SSWCNZ of Pisgah Stage Race.


  4. J, Your on my hit list. We are trading paint this year. LOL. Great to hear you came to this conclusion. See you soon.


  5. The $150 hurts us all, Just look at it as funding Lance's recovery ride...
    Welcome aboard, it's gonna be a fun ride.

  6. congrats James.

    Big YES to longer races/rides. I got my taste when I did the VT50 in 2004. Then it was 100milers and then stage races.

    Too bad we can't get Sean into these longer races. Monte saw the light on the 100+milers :)

  7. 米格格 said...
    > 狗床
    > 狗牙齒
    > 刷牙

    I agree.

    Remember james, the most famous last words ever uttered were "hey, watch this!".

    Be careful with the big boys.