Thursday, February 19, 2009

This is getting "Re-god-dam-diculous"

So once again riding in New England can be a bitch. Yes, I saw the radar. No, I did not put two and two together. The green blobs is precipitation. Rain+32degrees=snow. Oh. Thus 10 min into my ride I couldn't see due to the blinding snow. I was having one of those moments were I though this could be it. I didn't dress very warm and if I stopped I might freeze to death. So I kept plugging away. (Drama) I also thought it would be a good idea to go do double hill. That hurt pretty good. After my shoe uncliped at the crux of the climb I thought I was going to have to walk. Somehow I managed. Going up hill was good because I didn't have to worry about going too fast. I literally could not see 10 feet in front of me.
I was thinking about how I should get a trainer to avoid these situations. I've heard so many bad things about trainers from people like "I would rather stick my face in a cactus then ride a trainer." Well, after what felt like sticking my face in a prickly pear cactus for 1 hour that trainer is looking pretty good.

A combo of snow pelting my eyes and falling in front of my light was surreal. At one point I thought about closing my eyes for a nap, and a couple of times I couldn't see at all in front of me and it felt like I was having an out of body experience.
I was thinking about Thom Parsons and his sunburn he got two days ago in St. Maarten. You rucky rucky bastard. I'm sure he's been in my exact situation or worse.
Saturday we were planning to Pre-ride Battenkill. I'm not too sure it's going to work out. Alex thinks the dirt sections are going to be too muddy. I'm sure he's right but I don't know what to expect in April either. This race is so overwhelming to me. After I clicked the button to sign up I was like what the hell did I just do. Masters 30+. Yes I'm 30+ but hardly a master. Then all of this talk about me riding in the Pro class for rt 66. What am I thinking. I'm hoping I can hang on to someone during the races. At least I will know some of the guys I'll be racing against. Not that I will be riding with them. If I get dropped bad I'll just stick with the cat 1 30-40 class. At least I will be running against some sick dudes with gears. But there's going to be like 5 ss'ers in the pro class. So really I can think of it as a Pro ss class. To me that sounds like fun.


  1. Did you ride the road in the snow last night? That's nuts!
    It's good that you are concerned about Battenkill, but you're going to kick ass! It's only 2700' of climbing over 62 miles; you guys routinely gain double that on your rides.
    The pace will be sick, but you'll do great.

  2. You'er too kind CB2. Thanks for the up. I am hoping to feel comfortable with the climbing so I can stay with the top guys. I wasn't planning to ride in the snow it just happened. I did have more fun then I lead on.

  3. I don't think the climbing is anything you have to worry about. It's the flat stuff at 25+mph. We'll do a little motorpacing with the scooter towards the middle/end of March.

  4. My worst getting wrecked by the cold experience happened in California up on Mt. Tam. It dropped below 30°...and started snowing...and got dark...and I was dressed for 50° (if that). I could barely tell if my hands were working on the decent, they were like wet flippers (and I couldn't see). When I got to my friend Pete's house I couldn't operate the door knob or take off my shoes, I was temporarily, technically an invalid. Good times, crazy days.

    Oh, you are doing Battenkill on the SS! I joked about doing that. Have you ever done a road race on the Single? I haven't, not sure how it'd work. One way to find out eh?


  5. No I'm not doing Battenkill on my ss. I've got my geared cross bike for that. I was thinking about preriding it on my fixie just to say that I did it. A Road race on a single would be just asking to get dropped like a wet fish.
    One way to find out eh?
    You first.