Monday, February 2, 2009

Epic solo weekend

Saturday:22 degrees wind 22mphNo coast zone
Both Saturday and Sunday I was solo riding on the fixie. Saturday I rode up 63 all the way to Rt 7 just south of Cannan. I had in my mind to go down Roberts hill. I didn't know what a huge hill would be like on a fixie. Over the summer we would bomb down at 50mph so how fast would I go on a fixie?
Beautiful hills
The wind was so strong that day that I didn't really go that fast down this hill. I was glad too because there wasn't much of a shoulder and the road was really rough so I was out in the lane looking out for ice and potholes. Not Ideal to go for some kinda spin record. At the hour and a half mark I decided I should turn around. At the gas station I got some water and ate my gluten free biscuit with almond butter and honey. The attendant seemed to give me the strangest look but didn't bother to ask why the hell I would be riding in the cold. She made me feel so uncomfortable with her stare that I decided to hang out side and eat my biscuit. My gloves were off and I tried to keep warm thoughts in my head. By the time I was finished my hands were really cold. Then I put my sweaty gloves on and it was over. My hands froze and felt like they were wooden. Lucky for me I had some serious hills to climb so that keep my mind thinking about how I couldn't feel my hands helped me to not think about other things hurting. (Don't worry I can't even understand what I'm trying to say.)
36.8 mph=190rpm 42x17x23c
On the way home I had the wind to my back and my hands did warm back up after climbing Roberts hill. Out of the saddle for 10 mins can warm anyone up. I was thinking I should see how fast I could spin at one point when the conditions were perfect. Wind to my back, smooth road and no Ice. So I spun up to 190. Going down hill of course.

Sunday: 29degrees no wind
The next day I thought it would be a good idea to climb some more hills. I think something happens to my brain in the cold that makes me think to do this. I took a route that Alex told me him and Brian did on Saturday. Lots of hills.

This was fun?
I told Alex that I hit 190 and his response was "can you hit 200?" "No way!" I said.
38.5mph=200rpm 42x17x23c
What would a ride without Tanner hill be like? Heaven.
I figured I should document my climb just to prove to myself that I did do this, when I was a youngin'

Top of Tanner.


  1. You know, I think Tanner's one of the toughest climbs around. Great job, bro! You are effing insane. I was following Rocket on every descent yesterday and Garmin says we hit 36mph so that's just shy of 190 I guess. We hit this sick climb (Angevine Rd.- 20% grade for extended sections) that Rocket somehow cleaned. I probably could have done it in the 19 but decided to not throw caution to the wind (and my patellar tendons) and managed in the 21.
    FYI: You are the youngin' of the group. Oh and by the way I rode Rocket's fixie around the parking lot after we got back. Hmmm...

  2. Now that thar is some spinnin' boy!

    Only my buddy Todd believed me when I was telling tales of going 35+ MPH in a 44 X 19.
    He's an old school BMXer...those dudes get a crazy spin on going into the first corner.
    Apparently he's hit two-freakin'-ten!


  3. Oh man! I thought doing 200 was impossible, i guess I'll have to try for 210 or more. It is hard for people to belive so I'm glad I took a picture.