Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow blast

Mega light battery fits nice on the stem.
Tuesday night ride was one fun ride. Finally after weeks of being on the road we were able to get out on some packed snow thanks to a warm couple of days last week. We did have some trouble going up hills and I'm paying for it now. But having so much fun really makes a difference.

Mutano 2.4 is the right choice for staying on top.
CB2 gave me this tire a couple of years ago to use as a front tire. I'm glad I didn't throw this thing away! It really helped to stay afloat.
Check out my green water bottle that was given to me by surprise for Christmas.

Boardwalks are fun. Icy at times.
At one point we were side by side following a double xc ski track. It was like we were slot car racing. Any waver from the lines would slow you down and you knew every pedel counted. Technicaly we wern't suposted to be on the single track threw White Memorial. But I figured the trails would be covered in snow the next day so it didn't matter. Shh. Don't tell any one.
packed trails mostly.

I'm totally posing here. I could only get to the tree before loosing all momentum.

Josh, however, did not have that problem, and this is real.

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