Friday, January 16, 2009

Log this!

This past week I logged every day. The log truck came and took a load out and there must be 2 more loads left. That means we must have cut over 10,ooo board feet of logs this week. Not to mention all of the firewood. I think we must have cut 15 cords easy. Working hard all week and then after work riding or skiing really kept me in shape. I'm hoping it pays off for cycling.
I've been thinking more about the Selma. Should I get a ridged fork or suspension? I think I'm up for the chalenge to race in the pro/cat 1 class. Rob Stine is going to race in it and so is Sean from Bethel. It will be a really great year of racing so many single speeders that I know. Not that I will have a chance to win but I'm hoping to not come in last. But even if I come in last that will be ok with me. Thom Parsons will be rockin' the Gary Fisher logo on a super sick ss. Hopefully Josh will be there and we can really help each other to win. If I don't do the pro class this year I will wish I did. I'll feel left out if all of the sickest ss'er in New England are racing ahead of me in the super cool elite crowd.

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