Monday, January 12, 2009

A time to blog

Today I have about 15 min to write or post something. I think I will put up some more bad pics of myself and friends.

Here's a good shot of me looking like I'm not haveing any fun and "The Rocket" having all the fun. Josh, Brian, Alex, and Charlie all had a good time freezeing our toes off.

Charlie aka CB2 was delighted to go riding with me riding an overgeared dumpster fixieruper. this bike weighed at least 45 lbs. Now it only weighs 35lbs! Not really. I'm sure without all those gears it weighs less then that.

So here we are freezen our asses off. So much fun! 2 gearies and 3 fixies sometimes doesn't mix.
Brian was way behind. I don't think he likes riding with guys that only have one gear. He's going to totally kick my ass this year at Rt 66 when I'll be racing in his class.

I think pictures should load faster. I'm running out of time!

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