Saturday, January 17, 2009

fixi-dent and forget it.

My Surly 17 tooth cog came in today! I also scored a 42 tooth ring from the bargain box! After all the hassling I gave Josh about running a smaller gearing then me he finally upgraded to a 42x17. I didn't realize that I was running 42x16! That's 5 more inches difference gi wise. So I figured I better do something to get us to run the same. Just so we know that we are both suffering the same.After I soaked the lock ring and 16 t cog in PB Blaster it came off. Good thing I greased it. Josh once again hooked me up with some extra grease. Did you know I was riding around with a froze up bearing? New bearings on the way. So cool you can just pop them in and out like skateboard wheel bearings.
Now I can speed up hills faster and spin like a one legged jockey down them. Look at that grease!
I love how the Surly cogs have those holes in them. So cool....



Garbage trike. That hill was a bitch because of the ice under the snow. So glad I had three wheels. So sweet. Every time I ride this thing it makes me think that I'm cruising some boardwalk in Cali along the beach.

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  1. The Pro class at Root 66 is going to look pretty funny this season. I'd imagine at certain races half (or maybe even the majority) of guys could be on single speeds. Some out of towner might think he's lining up with the wrong class. "Naw dude, you're in the right place, that's just how we roll in New England".

    Stoked you started up a blog!