Monday, January 19, 2009

X training

Today I went cross skiing. cross... skicross...skicrossing? I've gone a few times but this time I really wanted to go man go! So I went as fast as possible for miles. I don't get how to go down hill until about an hour in. Once I got it it was awesome! I'm no pro but I was able to turn down a windy singletrack section. Stoked! My ski boots started to hurt the ends of my toes.
Sometimes retro is not the way to go. Good thing I didn't buy these. Maybe next year if I don't have a bike to save up for I'll get a new set up with boots. It's really not that expensive but I still don't want to spend any more dough on things that are not bike related.

I need some wax to wax my waxless skis

Living at White Memorial has it's advantages. Like skiing from my front door. I don't want to be a snob about skiing already but I have to complain about snow shoers. What is the point in walking in big huge snow shoes to go across 3 inches of snow? I just don't see the appeal. I can understand if you were sinking up to your knees. Here comes the annoying whining. Then they have to walk all over the xcs tracks. Come on dude! Not only that but I saw this girl fall flat on her face with those things. You can't even slide down the hills and have some fun. Man I was on a rampage.(Witness the Whiteness) Overall I had a good 2 hour workout. My hams are singing.

So jealous about ssaz09. I used to live a block away from the Bay Horse Tavern were their after party is going to be. I miss Tucson sometimes. I wonder if Mike Montalbano is going to be there.

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