Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Night riders

Last night Josh, Alex and I when out for a ride. Very cold (12 degrees.) Very hard (that's what she said). 16.5% grade with a fixed gear is not the best situation. I had to keep reminding myself that I was running a smaller gear and so it shouldn't hurt so much. I think that was one reason why I was sucking. Also that I skied for 2 hours the day before and Logged all day. So my legs were feeling "not so happy" with me. But that's good right? Alex "geared" up
Josh was hitting the hills pretty hard. I was just trying to pace myself feeling like I could crack at any moment. Alex was not really sure what to do. At one point he realized that I wasn't going to respond to one of the "Rockets" attacking moves and passed me. Smart. Once I realized that going at my own pace actually makes me have to work harder to catch up. (Oh ya this is road riding.) I guess I'll have to hang on next time and not worry about throwing up.
The "Rocket" planning his strategy to put me in the red.
Cygolite that I won for Sport ss champion 07
In other news... The last Stihl chainsaw "shit the bed." I'm glad it did. It was our spare saw so no big deal. The good news is we got another Jonsered.

So scenic. Timberjack in its element.

This was a double tree oak. Big trees. They were connected so I had to saw them apart to get the first one down.

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  1. New tools rule! I just got a new belt sander at work. A Makita 9903. Sander of the Gods, king of 3 x 21's, like Excalibur for sink makers.