Monday, February 23, 2009

Back to life

The first piece of the pie.
When I showed this to Jesse she was like "you payed how much for this? It looks like something you could make in the wood shop." I always thought wood would be a good thing to use for forks. If you got the right kind like hickory or oak, and had the grain just right I think it would work.

Man those look skinny. Returning to a geared road bike will be different. Those pauls are like something you would find on a chariot from Ben Hur.
For the conversion back to road I swapped out the bash ring and 42T ring for a 53/38. I also had to lengthen the chain and put my front D on.

Slapped some Bottle cages on and I'm set for a 100miler.


  1. When are you getting the rest of the pie?

  2. I'm ordering the Frame around March 2nd. Rims and spokes are on the way. I'm hoping to be on the bike by middle March. Fingers crossed.