Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ask and ye shall receive

This mornings post left me to wonder what the day will bring. At my wits end I called Josh and he began to tell me that there was yet another problem. But he was just busting me and told me that he ordered the Selma! It should be here on Monday! And the other good news is that I don't have to get another bottom bracket because the one I have will fit the new ride.

Riding this week looks a bit dull with all of the rain. After last Sundays 5 and a half hours of road riding it might be a good idea to rest a few more days. We were going for a century but bailed at 97 miles because we were dang tired and dehydrated. I paced myself to endure the climbs and watched Josh pull away on every climb. I thought "that's okay" and just let him do his thing. I was happy to have something left at the end. Unlike some other rides I've done that left me with foggy vision. Just had fun. We both saw 2 coyotes, a bobcat, a partridge, and two dead porcupines.


  1. Yeah! I'm pumped for your Selma. Do you guys ever want to do like 3 hours at Nassa? I need to work on long distance mtb fitness.

  2. I got a box with 5 tires, a Bontrager stem and bar, and a Thomson post all packed up...

  3. CB2, you are da MAN! Did you want to get together Thursday? How much do I owe you?

    Mookie, any time you want to go to Nassahegan I will follow. I love that place. In fact I think that's where CB2 and I are going to go on Thursday night if It's not pouring rain.

    Otherwise CB2 and I are going to go to ride From West Hartford to Pennwood on the 21'st. That will be at least 3 hours or more. Hopefully on my New Bike!

  4. $25 for the mystery box. We're riding Nassahegan tomorrow? Cool. I have a delivery in Farmington.