Sunday, June 21, 2009

It is finished

Stans yellow rim tape. I cleaned the bed of the rim with some brake cleaner and used some steal wool to make sure there was a good clean surface for the tape to stick. I'm going to use tubes just to seat the tape and then stans them for Sunday.

I had this riser bar since last year. It feels comfortable with the stem flipped up side down, but after being called "dorky" I'm going to try to flip the stem and use a flat bar.

Josh did an amazing job with the wheels.
Eccentric bottom bracket is really nice. I needed to change my tires up to go ride at the Res with CB2 and I was running low on time. No problemo! No adjustments are needed to change a tire for the rear wheel. Definitely a plus for racing.
Clearance might be an issue. This is a 2.1 tire. Anything bigger then that will rub!

The carbon chain stays are amazing!

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