Monday, June 22, 2009

Selma Debut

CB2 and I headed out from West Hartford Reservoir up to Pennwood on Sunday. What better way to break in a new bike then to pull out all the stops and ride The Res. Wet slimy rocks and roots. Mud pits, water crossings, streams of water going down the trails we were riding up. Climbing was better and getting over logs was easier. Instantly I knew that 29'ers are King! The hype is true. Rolling over stuff and traction is the main reason to get a 29'er and you need that to ride in the Res and Pennwood. But there's more. I could throw it down on the descents, and pedal seated over some rough stuff. I would contribute that to Selmas carbon stays and fork. The new saddle I got is Awesome! It's light and comfortable. Thanks Harlan. That's what he rides and if it's good enough for him is good enough for me.

Mud. In case you couldn't tell.

CB2 Getting in on the action.

CB2 and I rode up to Pennwood for the 2nd year in a row on Fathers day. It's a tradition now.

What a great bike. Thank you Josh for helping me to get this bike and all the crap you had to deal with to get it. I'm very happy with the Selma. And the Size (small) is dead on. The bike weighs about 23 lbs but feels lighter. I'm hopeing to drop 3 lbs down the road.

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