Monday, June 8, 2009

The Gods Must Be Crazy

I don't know what you believe but I'm starting to believe that there is a God. A cycling God. Or CG. This God has been with me my whole life and has metamorphosed into the current Cycling God. He's (make things simple and genderize him) the One that spiritually nudges me towards perfecting my game in the cycling department. CG has been teaching me some valuable lessons recently. Patience for one.
6 months ago I really wanted to get a new bike. I waited patiently for this Frame (above) to be available to order. Promises were made and broken. Salsa said that the production date would be in February. Then it was March, then April 1'st. Yes it was a joke. Then they said May and I started to get my hopes up. And once that didn't happen I had enough. I decided that I would find a frame on-line and be done with it. Sorry Salsa you failed. So I started looking at Niners. Really nice bikes that were built for speed. Josh wanted to help me out and applied to get some Niner frames. Turns out that Niner is dragging their feet and won't have a frame for me until late July! How long do I have to wait CG!

Now I'm back looking at the Selma frame. Salsa lists them as available and Josh tries to order it. Oh, well don't you know they can't let him order it because he's not an official Salsa dealer. I guess the "official" dealers get the first crack at sales and so it will be a few more weeks. I need a bike and I need it now!

So that brings us up to date. No frame. WTF!

So what have I learned from CG's teachings?

A. It must be my fault because I'm a sinner and only good little boys get what they want.

B. I should just learn to live with the bike I have. It's building strength and character.

C. I'm too picky with bikes. No bike is going to be good enough for me.

I hate waiting and I think I've waited long enough. But all of this bitching is not going to get me a frame.
Through all of this Josh has been working really hard to get me a frame. He's been on the phone and emailing, having to deal with a lot of BS from some of these company's to get me a frame. Thanks again Josh. It's just my luck.

To be continued...

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  1. So does that mean you want to go mtbing on Thursday?