Monday, June 15, 2009

Selma is here!

It's here!

Check out the carbon seat stays!

The geometry looks like it will work compared to the surly

And light! I know it's not 3.5 lbs like the Niner would have been but it's close. That's with the eccentric and seat clamp.

I had to take out some pictures so I will post some more soon.

Finally after such a long time of waiting the Selma is in my grubby hands. I stripping down the 1x1 of it's brakes and wheels I cruised down in the company truck to 503 cycleworx where Josh was awaiting my arrival. He knew I would be down. I thought he was going to call me as soon as it came in the door. He let me open the box!

I've looked at this bike on line for a long time. Over 7 months! The picture they have on Salsa's website really doesn't do it Justice. The one selling point for me was the carbon seat stays. They are really beautiful. I wish they had some close up shots of those seat stays. I'm amazed at the seamless joint and how it goes from gray to clear coat. I don't know how they did that. Frame technology has really come a long way.

The Surly will now become my winter bike. I'll throw my XTR v-brakes on and find a crank. Or soon put a better crank on the Selma and use the old XTR crank on the 1x1. I was thinking that Jesse could ride this too. I'd love to throw some really huge tires on this bad boy and put my fixed gear wheel on with some flat pedals.

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