Thursday, June 18, 2009

Long pine classic

Click here for bigger map

The Long Pine Classic is part of the Mid Atlantic Super Series down in PA coming up on July 5th. Yes that's the same day of the Domnarski Farm race. We have some friends down in PA and they live about an hour away from the race. From what I can gather so far it's a hilly course. It looks like there are 3 significant climbs that are sustained for almost a mile. If I'm reading the map right. Let me know if I'm not.

I'm going to sign up for the Elite open. What's really cool about this race is if I can do well in it the money is significant. If I got 20th that would pay for my race fee.

Hanna "Hannibal" Witter

Now you may be wondering who these "friends" are that would get me to drive 6 hours. Our friend Julie lives with her husband Tim on a working dairy farm and has many kids. Kids that like to play alot. Alot. My job is to entertain them for hours by holding them up by the feet and spinning them around like I'm a carnival ride. I do that until I can't see and then they yell "again!" All of the Cycling "training" that I've done doesn't even compair to the workout I get by visiting these guys. I'll be there for a day and a half. Last time we visited we played a game called "Dead James." That's when Hannibal and Luke would yell in my ear telling me to wake up while I "Played Opossum." The game ended right before Hannibal put gravel in my mouth. She did smear my shoe on my face. Remember we are at a farm. Cow poop. They are good kids though and lots of fun.

Bethany, Hanna, and Luke

Hanna and Luke at the farm

Baby Joel with Baby

If you still don't believe me how crazy these kids are watch the video. I love them a lot.


  1. You're climbing like a banshee so you should do well. Not sure what a banshee is but I think they climb well. Looks like a fun weekend. The kids will keep you busy I'm sure.

  2. When I signed on to "Manny" my sister's kids one day a week, I thought "Oh ya, Mondays will be like a rest day, just chillin' with the kiddos".


    Have fun in PA. You - on the new bike...those guys down in PA have no idea what's coming their way.


  3. Always go elite at mass, they pay 20 deep and you get to mix it up with guys like Eatough and Price. The racing is super competive and loads of fun..